Adoption in Zimbabwe

Many Zimbabwean couples, individuals and families consider adoption for various reasons, and because they genuinely have a wish to provide a family for a child. Some people who opt for adoption already have biological children; others are struggling with infertility or just want to expand their family differently. In Zimbabwe, many kids in children’s homes need a loving family and home yet the uptake has been very low.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare received and processed a total of 3[1]0 adoption applications from January 2015 to December 2017. Many who have gone through the process have different views of it in both good and bad measure. What does the Zimbabwean adoption system entail?

In Zimbabwe, as a way to ensure a child is not adopted by people with ulterior intentions, adoption requires extensive initial screening and court procedures. To be eligible to adopt in Zimbabwe, parents should adhere to the Children’s Act (Chapter 5:06) Sections 57 to 75 which provide for the manner in which adoptions are carried out. 

No adoption will be made in favour of any applicant who is not resident and domiciled in Zimbabwe or in respect of a minor who is not so resident. No adoption order will be made unless the minor has been medically examined and the results are furnished to the court and contents made known to the prospective adopter.